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Stu is an exceptional music producer and engineer with over 10 years of experience working with a diverse range of artists spanning pop, rock, punk, hip hop, and afrobeat genres. His keen ear for rhythm, pitch, and vibe allows him to draw out the best from every recording session. With a personalized approach, Stu provides guidance and honest feedback to help artists and bands craft a sound that reflects their vision and message. Stu's attention to detail and creative input ensure that every project exceeds expectations, resulting in a product that artists can be proud to show to the world.


Stu's versatility in working across a wide range of genres allows him to capture unique sounds, while his collaborative approach encourages and supports his clients in maximizing their potential. As an artist himself, Stu understands the importance of working closely with his clients to introduce new levels of creativity, resulting in exceptional music that helps them grow as artists.

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Stu's natural talent for consistency and creativity stems from over two decades of experience playing drums and guitar. He has honed his skills through numerous performances with various bands, most notably The Playbook, with whom he played hundreds of gigs across Australia and secured airplay on Triple J and Triple M. Stu's extensive experience on stage and in the studio has equipped him with an intuitive understanding of music that he brings to every project he works on, helping artists to create music that is both memorable and authentic.


With years of experience as a touring artist and sound engineer, Stu has gained a comprehensive perspective of the music industry. He uses this knowledge to help artists maximize their potential and take their music to the next level. Stu focuses on specific areas such as mindset, songwriting, booking gigs, and planning, providing clearly defined steps that can help artists move towards their goals. His partnership with the team at Marshall Street Studios offers invaluable guidance and support, making it easier for artists to navigate the music industry and succeed.



Stu's expertise in audio production has led him to work with several top brands, including The Queen of Confidence, The Marshall Street Podcast, Saving Brothers, The Holy Grail of Property Investment, and more. With his state-of-the-art equipment, Stu produces high-quality podcasts and audiobooks that have made their way to popular platforms such as Audible, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. In addition to his work with other brands, Stu also hosts his own podcast called What's That Sound?, where he interviews producers and engineers from Australia, showcasing his passion for the industry and commitment to producing exceptional audio content.

*Flexible payment options available*

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